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Yuli Tsonkov

November 27, 2018at 11:44 am

Dear Sirs,
Please make us an offer for:
5 pcs Ventilation Tube (Air duct), Diam 200 mm, Length 20 mtr heavy duty
5 pcs Ventilation Tube (Air duct), Diam 300 mm, Length 20 mtr heavy duty
Transportation costs to 9027 Varna, Bulgaria to be included!

Many thanks in advance!

Ibrahim Keyqubadi

December 10, 2018at 10:48 pm

Good day,
We would like to purchase this torch for using on offshore oil-platform. Could you please advise if this torch is explosion-proof & we can fix it on hard hat? Also appreciate if you can provide with price list for the product.
Many thanks,
Ibrahim Keyqubadi

Abdullah Abdul Rahman

December 23, 2018at 6:26 pm

Dear sir,

We require 2pcs needle supporter for JEX28 Needle gun 3mm. Kindly quote your best price along with delivery upto Jeddah KSA.

collins obenney

February 23, 2019at 11:56 pm

kingly give me a quote for
1)2pc pneumantic safety lamp model A-TL 45 flood light(IMPA CODE 330637)
2)2pc pneumantic safety lamp model A-TL 44 bay light (all round 360 illumination)IMPA CODE 330638
3)10pc explosion proof head lamps petzl PIXA 3R
Appreciate if you treat as URGENT.


Collins Obenney

Luis Miguel Freitas Pereira

April 4, 2019at 7:36 pm

Boa Tarde,
Estou a contactar de Portugal.
Estou interessado em comprar PetroWrap.
As dimensões que têm são só 50, 100 e 150mm?
Qual a quantidade de cada caixa ?
Qual o preço ?
Qual o prazo de entrega ?
Estou a contactar da empresa Inersel S.A.. Tenho alguma urgencia neste material.

Sem mais de momento,
Luis Miguel.


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