Aquata immersion suit V20 L185cm MED approved IMPA330195

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Aquata immersion suit V20 L185cm MED approved IMPA330195

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Made out of 5.5 mm synthetic rubber covered by heavy duty Nylon/polyester
material in a bright visible color. Suit has a high buoyancy and when
used with a lifejacket, model V20ECOOP gives more mouth support
without tearing the neck muscles during long time floating.
The suit is easy to don in under 2 minutes and fulfills all requirements of SOLAS for a 6
hours immersion suit.
Equipped with a buddyline and an arm pull strap as well as approved
Emergency light fixture on breast (light optional).

All suit seams are 3 times glued and sewn. After production the suit is
separately tested with 3 times of the required pressure test value to
guarantee that the seams are also watertight after long time use or storage.
Suit is equipped with fixed 3 finger gloves to prevent any water ingress.
As standard with all aquata suits the zipper is made by Dynat Germany to
guarantee a long life and water tightness even under heavy conditions. Easy
to open and close it gives you the best and perfect closure without heavy
force like with other cheap standard zippers.

Size L – 175cm – 195cm – partnumber 180185


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